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Nanango Ultra World Champs


under IAAF patronage

International 1000 Miles Track Championships Nanango

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March 11 - 26 at Nanango Showgrounds

Results update is here!

Ron Grant has recently conceded that the up-coming 1000 miles championships to be held in Nanango March 11 - 26 rightly deserve the title "Footrace of the Century". That was the title given to the '96 race but so much has happened since. Gary Parson's own world record mark has been bettered no fewer than 5 times to date and the 5 runners who achieved this feat are lining up in the field of 19 to contest this race.

The second placegetter in '96, Alfredo Uria of Spain, 5 months after returning home bettered Gary's mark by almost 2 hours in Baracaldo. In October that same year in Odessa, Vladimir Vasyoutin lowered that mark by three hours and in the same race Vladimir Glazkov shaved off a further hour. The fastest man over this distance is Georgs Jermolajevs who set a new mark in New York last year. The current world record holder is Petras Silkinas from Lithuania who almost broke the 12 day mark in Odessa in October. With such a star-studded field the current talk is that the 12 day barrier will definitely be broken.

This race has already achieved a number of firsts. It will be the world's first IAU International 1000 miles track championships and Australia's first ultra marathon international championships. Also contesting the event will be Tony Rafferty, the previous world record holder before Gary Parsons and on the sidelines as an interested observer will be Malcolm Campbell, the president of the world governing body who held the world record in 185 having broken a 100 year old record. The incomparable Cliff Young who celebrated his 76th birthday last week is a goer and is out to break every aged world record in the book.

The venue for this historic event will now be the Showgrounds due to QRL restrictions at the Football oval.

We still need people to crew for the overseas and interstate runners for a few hours each day, as well as lapscorers to help out during daylight hours. Lapscoring from dusk to dawn is generously done by the personnel from the Joint Telecomm- unications School at Cabarlah. The offer of billets for overseas runners for a few days before and after the event would be most welcome, and we still require the loan of some caravans for the overseas competitors.

If you can assist in any way whatsoever please contact Shirley or Peter on 631005 or 631387 - we would love to hear from you.

Adequate catering facilities and licenced bar will be provided throughout the event.

Shirley Warner - Promotions manager
Peter Warner - Race Director


  • Georgs Jermolajevs - Latvian. Born 17.11.42. The fastest man over 1000 miles (road) 12d.Olh.25m.47s - 1997 New York. 1996 - 2700 miles in 40d.11h.49m.07s. Married to Anna, daughter Liva.
  • Vladimir Vasyoutin - Russian living in the Ukraine.Born 22.11.50. Physical Education teacher. 1000 miles 12d.14h.55m.21s 1996 Odessa. 6 days - 770kms. 24hr - 231.6kms. 100kms - 7h.49m. Married - 2 daughters.
  • Alfredo Uria - Spanish. Born 16.02.39. Truck Driver. 1000 miles - 12d.17h.59m.19s - 1996 Baracaldo. 48hrs - 399.149kms. 24hrs - 275.199kms. 100kms - 7h.7m.13s. Married to Pilar.
  • Dusan Mravlje - Slovenian. Born 13.02.53. Engineer. Winner Trans America - 4800kms 1995. Winner Syd/Mel. 1986. 24hrs - 257kms. 100kms - 6h.49m. Married - 3 daughters.
  • Petras Silkinas - Lithuanian. Born 06.08.41. Locksmith. World record holder track 1000 miles - 12d.04h.06m.01s. Odessa 1997. 6 days - 846kms. 24hrs - 238.4kms. Marathon 2h.52m.49s. Married - 1 son, 1 daughter.
  • Vladimir Glazkov - Russian. Born 13.10.38. Engineer. 1000 miles - 12d.13h.32m.41s. - Odessa 1996. 6 days - 858kms. 1000kms - 7d.0lh.57m.18s. 48hrs - 337kms. Marathon 2h.56m. Married - 2 sons, 1 daughter.
  • Rustem Giniatullin - Tatar. Born 27.10.48. Industrial Pharmacist. 1000 miles - 14d.llh.43m.31s. - Odessa 1995. 6 days - 848kms. 24hrs - 253kms. Married - 3 sons.
  • Tony Rafferty - British/Aust. Born 09.04.39. Public Speaker/ Freelance Journalist. 1000 miles - 14d.llh.59m.04s. Granville 1989. 6 days- 809kms. 48hrs - 303kms. Placed top 10 in 4 Syd/ Mel. races. Competed in 10 Colac 6 day races. Married to Coral - one child Kieran 3.5 years.
  • Tony Collins - British/Aust. Born 26.06.47. Dental Surgeon. 5 times Syd/Mel., once return. Winner - Syd/Mel.Syd. 1995, Syd/Albury 1997, Tamworth 24hrs - '91, '93, '97, Qld. 48hr track '94, Campbelltown 6 days - '91. Married to Jan, 2 sons, 2 daughters.
  • Peter Gibson - N.Z. Born 19.03.55. Rates Inspector, Gold Coast. 1000 miles 13d.19h.48m.16s. - Nanango 1996. 1000kms - 8d.3h.11m.47s. 1995 Qld. Ultrarunner of the Year. Holds 12 N.Z. track records. Married to Mary, 1 daughter.
  • Aldo Maranzina - Italian. Born 15.12.46. Pensioner. Has contested the 6 day Colac race, and ran at Athens, Sparta. 24hrs - Worschal, Austria. Married - 2 sons.
  • Peter Gray - Australian. Born 04.10.64.Demolition worker. The youngest man in the world to complete 100 Ultra-marathons. The first and youngest Australian to complete 100 ultra-runs and 100 marathons. Winner - Colac 6 days 1997. Lives with his greatest supporter and mother, Norma.
  • Chilla Nasmyth - Australian. Born 07.12.46. Self-employed. 100 miles 18h.30m.03s. With the exception of the '87 & '90 Syd/Mel. races he has never finished worse than 4th. in all ultra-marathon events contested. Married to Sofia - 2 grown children and Jayne who is 4 years old.
  • Graeme Watts - Australian. Born 28.08.53. Steel fixer. Winner '97 5 day South Burnett race. 2nd. - Tamworth 24hrs. 6 days - 724kms. Only contestant to enter all 3 Nanango 1000 mile events. Married to Alana - 1 son, 2 daughters.
  • William Beauchamp - Australian. Born 01.06.47. Factory Worker. 1000 miles - 15d.08h.52m.38s. Nanango 1996. 6 days - 758kms. 48hrs - 347kms. Divorced.
  • Bryan Smith - Australian. Born 26-10.43. Communications Rigger. Three times winner Colac 6 days. Westfield Syd/Mel placed 4th - 4th - 2nd Ist. Twice winner Geraldton - Perth. Married. 3 sons.
  • Eleanor Robinson - British. Born 20.11.47. Sports Teacher/ Youth Leader. 1989 World track record 24hrs - Melbourne. '91 world champion 100kms - Italy, '90 world champion 100kms (U.S.A.) & 24hrs (G.B.), '97 world indoor record 48hrs - Czech Republic. Married with 3 grown-up children, 6 year old son.
  • Cliff Young - Australian. Born 08.02.22. Potato Farmer. winner first Westfield Syd/Mel '83 - 5d.15h.4m. Winner 24hr Sri Chinmoy Adelaide - 235.969kms. Australian 6 days Colac - 670.4kms. '88. In '94 - 596kms. Set to attack all Drew Kettle's World and Australian records. Crewed by Helen Powers and her twin daughters and Mary.
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